Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids Crafts: Paper Plate Elephant

paper plate crafts
Kids crafts are a great way to amuse your child while teaching him a bunch of new skills. With nothing more than a paper plate and paint create this beautiful elephant kids craft. Summer is near and you will need a lot of summer activity ideas to entertain your loved ones and crafting is one of them that is why How to be Super Mom has posted a large number of easy to make kids crafts for you to enjoy.

Supplied Needed
  • 1x white paper plater
  • 1x white card board
  • 2x googly eyes
  • Blue marker
  • Black marker
  • Blue paint
  • Pink paint
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors

elephante ears template
  • Draw the ears and trunk on the white card board.
  • Cut them out.
  • The face of the elephant will be the back of the plate so place the plate on the table front down. 
  • Glue the trunk on the middle of the paper plate.
  • Glue the ears on the front side of the plate so they will pop out from behind the face.
  • Paint the whole thing in blue leaving ear lobes white.
  • Paint the ear lobes in pink.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Glue the googly eyes in place.
  • Mark the trunk with the blue marker.
  • Draw the mouth with black marker.
A super mom is always able to coordinate between her needs and her children's. Give your kids all the time they need without neglecting yourself. Therefore, try the crafts How to be super mom is posting since they don't require more than twenty minutes to be created.
Paper plate crafts are fun low cost activities, enjoy them with us!

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