Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Golden Tip for Every Super Mom: Pick the Right Dinner!

super mom bowl of fruits
A quick tip for every tired and depressed mother. Whenever you feel that you have long nights coming along don't push it on coffee. That black drink may taste great and smell wonderful but contains a lot of caffeine that will make you more agitated and stressed out and this is not what a mom is looking for. A super mom needs to be calm and totally in control so instead of that large cup of coffee why not trade it with a large bowl of fruits, oats and nuts. Yep ladies, exactly... fruits is what you need. One cubed red apple, the juice of 2 oranges, 2 tablespoons oat, 1 teaspoon raisins and 1 teaspoon almonds. This is the magic recipe from How to be Super Mom. That bowl of magic potion will guarantee a night of energy where you can catch up with all your work.

We have always ran towards coffee and chocolate but did it really work? maybe for a short period of time but not for long for sure. What I look for during my evenings is 5 hours of energy at least to finish my writing work, my house work and my baking work and catch up on all the cleaning!
I have created How to be Super Mom to help you find easier solutions and this advice is worth considering. Always exchange junk food and caffeine with more fruits and fresh juices.
One cup of green tea will be great also if you add ginger and cinnamon to it.
An excess of coffee is not a good choice to get rid of that motherhood depression.
Super moms are always looking for good tips and this blog is the place for that. Enjoy all our posts and have a healthy loving life!

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