Friday, January 11, 2013

Super Mom Tips on Raising an Optimist Child

happy optimist child

The world we are living in is chaotic, traumatic and drives us to be constantly depressed and pessimistic which is a real damaging situation to our personality and to those among us. Every super mom would love her children to be joyful, cheerful, content and optimistic about current life and the future but we often lose control over the surrounding atmosphere and begin transmitting a wrong image to our children.
These are 10 methods for every supermom to use to make sure she is educating optimist life lovers’ children.
1.      Super mom’s warmth and affection – Giving affection and love can never be a bad raising habit. Letting your child feel loved and cared for is an essential part of helping him deal with difficulties. Failures in life are easier to take when they know they are loved.
2.      Constant Compliments- Complimenting your child for his achievements is a very good idea. Give them detail about what you are praising them for, like for instance: “Good job Nour for helping your sister out” or “I am so proud that you finished you lunch and ate all your vegetables, now this will help you grow up faster and stronger”.
3.      Monitor- Be extremely aware of what your child is seeing on television, the games they play and the books they read. A supermom should always monitor her children’s activities to make sure they’re not exposed to violence and bad influence.
4.      Be an example – Children will always look up to you and take you as an example so before teaching them to be happy you have to teach yourself how to be a super happy person, an optimist and learn the secret of seeing the good in everything.
5.      Support – Support and congratulate your child whenever he expresses optimism. Instead of asking him not to be negative and indirectly emphasizing, and on a constant base, the undesired behavior, praise his positivism whenever he shows it that will push him towards focusing on the desired manners.
6.      Accentuate the positive – When something bad happens, always try to find the good side. If bad storm cancels an occasion, find something fun to do instead. Emphasize the positive by commenting how you wouldn’t have had so much fun if the event wasn’t cancelled.
7.      Thought catching – Teach children how to do thought catching to prevent negative behavior. When something bad happens ask them what thoughts they had so they’re aware of them and can capture the negativity. Kids often have black thoughts without ever realizing it.
8.      Minimize failures – Losing a championship or failing a test may seem like the end of the world, but it never is. Parents can raise optimists if they are successful at minimizing failures by putting them into perspective. Point out that life goes on and there will be endless opportunities down the road.
9.      Stimulate success – Encourage kids with age appropriate activities they are able to excel at to promote success. Having unrealistic expectations only sets children up for failure, so make sure they’re not trying to do too much.
10.  Laugh – Laughter is the key. Teach your child to be optimistic by helping him laugh at in a bad situation instead of taking everything so seriously. Laughing is the greatest method in conquering a problem.

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