Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Super Mom- Every Mother's Dream!

When I was pregnant with my first born, all I wanted is to become the number one mom in the world. I wanted my baby to love me and look up to me. Looking at my belly grow, all I was able to think of is how am I going to be a super mom with all the responsibilities I have? Will I ever be able to create a balance between the time spent with my kids, the time with my husband, all the house chores and of course not to forget the time for myself?

I can never give up that time where I can get some peace and quiet for at least 30 minutes. I usually spend it knitting, carving, drawing, painting, reading, crafting and when I am awfully tired to practice any of these hobbies I turn on my favorite sitcom of all times "Everybody Loves Raymond" and I watch and laugh. So, will I be able to do that when I have my baby? Is a super mom allowed to have time for herself?

All these silly questions that kept turning in my head during my pregnancy and the early post delivery days  made me realize one, single and very important reality: a supermom is a happy mom. It doesn't matter if I can do it all, it doesn't matter if I can cook everyday, it doesn't matter if I can keep my house clean everyday what it really matters is being happy to provide my kids with a happy warm house. If I am overly stressed with all this non sense that I mentioned before I will turn my home into hell, and you all know how well, us ladies, can turn your lives into living hell whenever we stress about something. My kids deserve the best and to give them the best I have to be relaxed and content. And the first thing to stop stressing about is wanting to be super mom, stop asking yourself that famous question: "How to be super mom?", who cares! No one does believe me! Your kids will love you and look up at you no matter what you do; the house could be all messed up and they could eat mac and cheese every single day and still think that you're the #1 mommy in the world.

So cheer up, get this burden off, take a breath and follow my blog. My tips till help you become a stress free super mom, will teach you how to cook everyday without killing yourself, keeping your home as clean as it could be and spending a lot of quality time with your loved ones.

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