Saturday, March 09, 2013

St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers: Leprechaun Head

st patrick day crafts for preschoolers

Leprechauns are one of the main symbols of St Patrick's day. It goes back to an old Irish legend talking about that little fairy shoemaker, hostile to people, hiding the place where the treasure is. It is said that treasure hunters are always tracking down the shoemaker hammer sound to find this little leprechaun fellow and find out about the place of the treasure. Wish that was right, then our little fairy can make us rich! With a carton plate, few cardboards and a marker you can make a cute easy to make leprechaun with How to be Super Mom.
This is one of the easiest St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers. Give it a try!

Supplies Needed
  • 1x carton plate
  • 1x green cardboard
  • 1x black cardboard 
  • 1x yellow cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Orange marker
  • Transparent glue

  • Start by making little cuts all around the plate, about 0.5 mm each.
  • Color them with an orange marker.
  • Cut out the shape of a hat from the green cardboard, decorate it with a black strap and a yellow belt ring.
  • Glue the hat on top of the carton plate.
  • Cut out two, 2 cm diameter, black circles for the eyes.
  • Draw the mouth with a marker and your leprechaun is ready for decoration.

Children love holidays and funniest part is the crafts and the ornaments they get to prepare. Even if you are not Irish, it is no harm to celebrate this meaningful holiday with your family. I never did, but this year will be the first time I will throw a St Patrick's day party at home and I will prepare plenty of St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers with my beautiful daughters.
Happy holiday super mom!!!

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