Saturday, February 09, 2013

How to be Super Mom - About Me

When it might only seem as a blog, to me this is the start of my dream. I have always been a big fan of crafts and cooking. When I was 8 years old I cooked my first spaghetti bolognaise following the tips my mother gave me over the phone, since she was at work and I was home alone with my young brother. 
Drawing, painting, knitting, embroidery work, candle making, flower arrangements, sewing and decoration have always been a huge interest. Becoming a popular “how to” writer is what I always dreamt of, and I had to pick a starting point---How to be Super Mom.
I would like to thank my brother for giving me the idea of starting my own blog, my mother and husband for all the support and my beautiful daughters for being the light of my life and my main source of energy. 
How to be Super Mom was created on May 2012, three weeks later I received an invitation to a TV interview to emphasize the goal behind creating How to be Super Mom. Few months later my blog was the topic of one of the most popular radio morning shows. Still, I consider myself at the starting point, and my success depends on your support. I need your comments and opinion on every article posted to get to improve my writings and your encouragement in following my blog and purchasing the e-books that will soon be published.

I include many articles about parenting, though my specialization is in crafting and cooking. But due to my main role in life as a mother, I had to read and research a lot and I would love to share with you all the helpful information that I have found during the past 5 years of motherhood.
My Facebook page is at your service; you can post your questions, problems and stories. Not to forget the monthly contests and valuable prizes.
Thank you for being a loyal fan,
Maria El-Aaraj

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