Thursday, March 07, 2013

Happy Teachers Day Cards: Make Your Own Cards (2)

happy teachers day cards
How to be Super Mom will help you make your own cards.
A beautiful, original and easy to make card. The minute I saw it, I thought I should write a tutorial about it right away to help you mothers and children craft this card for teacher's day.
A card that says "Happy teacher's day" is more exquisite if it was handmade by the student himself. My daughter and I have made unique cards all the time, but since I have Sophia now too, it became hard for me to post new card designs. This card is not of my creations, it is something I found on the web and thought it was easy for you to make.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x Pink card board
  • 1x Fushia card board
  • 1 x Yellow, green and red A4 paper sheet
  • Hole punsher
  • Plastic ribbons
  • Glue
  • Scissors

  • Cut two 18x13 cm Fushia card board
  • Cut two 17.5x12.5 cm pink card board
  • Cut two 16x11 cm pink card board, as well
  • Glue the 16x11 pink car boards on the right center of the fushia card boards leaving enough space to make the holes on the left, as seen in the picture.
  • From the inside, glue the larger pink card boards in the canter leaving a small frame showing from all sides, careless about the holes.
  • Cut a 25 cm ribbon string , insert it in the holes and make a knot from the back side of the card.
  • Cut 1x29 cm papers from the A4 sheets.
  • Roll each paper tightly to get a firm snail shape.
  • You can glue the end to hold it together and start decorating the front side of your card.
  • You can either make a flower as seen in the picture or create another personalized design of your choice.

Your child's teacher will be thrilled with this Happy teachers day card that your son or daughter made by themselves. Besides, you will have learned how to create your own cards and enjoyed a quality time crafting it with them.
How to be Super Mom always insists on the importance of crafting with your children to help them be more creative, teach them new skills and help them master their gestures.
Super moms, I hope this article was helpful. You could always use my tutorials to create more designs and you can share them with us either by sending the picture by email or sharing them on my facebook page.

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