Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to make a Father's Day Handmade Card

Follow the Super Mom steps to make this cool handmade card


Supplies Needed

2 A4 Construction paper ( any color)
White pen 
Colored pen
2 buttons ( any color)
Scissors or a punch


  • Fold the A4 paper in half
  • Cut from one of the halves a 4 cm width rectangle
  • On the other half, measure 4 cm from the top then cut 3.5 cm from each side

  • Fold the cuts to form a blouse collar

tie pattern

  • On the other construction paper, draw a tie. You can use this pattern if you desire.
  • Cut it off with using scissors or if your kid was younger than 4 he can use a punch

  • Glue the tie
  • Glue both sides of the collar

  • Decorate your tie with stripes, dots or you can even glue colored stripes or colored dots that you will cut out from another construction paper.

  • Striped Tie

step by step handmade card

  • Cut an eight * five rectangle from a construction paper of your choice, fold it from the top just like a blouse pocket.

  • Cut a small triangle to form the handkerchief
  • Glue the handkerchief, then the pocket
  • Using the white pen, draw the stitches. But be careful this is supposed to be a folded shirt so don't draw the stitches all around the shirt! 
  • Follow my steps please

  • Glue the bottons on the bottom of the collar
  • Write Happe Father's Day or any other sentence you like, you can even pick a quote from

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