Friday, September 14, 2012

Handmade Name Tag: Black Board

Handmade name tag

Get your kids to prepare their own name tags for school, this will make a great initiative for them. A truly easy project, and you can from this simple idea make many other name tags that are even more beautiful and more creative than the one I made for you.

Supplies Needed:

Black construction paper
Red construction paper
White pen
1 small coloring pencil
2 small crayons
Laminating film


Cut a 6*8 cm rectangle from the black construction paper.
Cut a 6*8 cm red rectangle and empty the inside by cutting a 4*7 cm rectangle.
Glue the red rectangle over the black to make the frame.
Using the white pen, write on your black board.
Write your child's name and grade.
Wrap the name tag with laminating film.
Decorate it with the small coloring pencil and crayons.

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