Friday, April 10, 2015

Smarties Bucket Cake

Smarties Bucket Cake

"Smarties and Fingers cake is my kids' favorite! This was a big success among their friends and everyone kept asking for the recipe."
Serves 30
Preparation Time: 1 h

1 40 cm round Chocolate Sponge cake
6 cups Chocolate buttercream
2 packs of Fingers®
2 large bags of Smarties®
1 medium flower cutter (optional)
Yellow cake fondant (optional)

1-Cut the sponge cake into 4 equal layers. Fill each with chocolate buttercream, topping it with the next layer until the whole cake is formed. Afterwards, frost the whole cake with buttercream. Cool in the fridge for 20 minutes before applying a second coat.

2-Cover the edges with Finger® placing them vertically, one next to the other, giving them the shape of a tight wooden fence. Leave 5 cm uncovered.

3- Randomly, drop 3/4 of the Smarties on top of the cake. 

4- As for the 5 cm edge left without Fingers® chocolate, pipe buttercream from the edge all the way to the golden tray of the cake to form a stream. Drop the smarties to cover it all and give it the aspect of a Smarties® waterfall.

5- You can cut out flowers from the yellow fondant for additional decoration but that is optional.

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Soon I will show you how to make a Smarties® Birthday Cake so stay tuned!!

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