Saturday, April 11, 2015

Robin Hood Birthday Cake

Robin Hood Birthday Cake

Robin Hood birthday theme
My daughter was a huge fan of the Disney's Robin Hood movie. So I made her this!

It was a big challenge to sculpt those characters, and kids, as you know, are one of the toughest judges in the world!!! And I had 30 of 'em that day and they were all gonna give a straight opinion about my cake talent. 
The inside was a checkerboard cake- that I will soon be teaching on my youtube channel- filled with chocolate ganache. 

Let me tell you, this was a Big success! Everyone loved the shape and taste. The details were good enough, in my opinion: the bag of arrows, the outfits, flowers, etc. 
I wish you could tell me what you think and give me additional suggestions that I can maybe use in my next cake.

I haven't thought about taking pictures of the making and this was a big loss for me and my readers. So I promise to make something similar in the future and post it on Cook N' Bake .


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