Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Crafts: Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Easter crafts

Paper plate kids crafts are very easy and extremely affordable. How to be Super Mom suggests you keep all the left over paper plates from events and holidays until you get the chance to make one of our paper plate crafts.
The Easter bunny is one of the most important symbols of Easter Sunday, maybe not as popular as Santa Claus on Christmas but  kids wait for him to bring them chocolate eggs and candies.
This Easter bunny craft will look nice if hung on the fridge or the bedroom's door.
A cute character that your children will love making with you, all you need is paper plates, glue and a marker. Ready? then get your supplies ready and lets get crafting.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 white paper plates, one slightly bigger than the other
  • 1 pink card board
  • A small quantity of cotton
  • Black, pink and blue marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

  • Glue the large plate over the small one like seen in the picture.
  • Draw two large bunny ears on the pink card board, cut them out and glue them from the back side of the small paper plate.
  • Glue the cotton in the middle of the bunny ears.
  • Using the markers, drew the eyes, nose and mustaches.

See how easy that was? I know that you all love to craft with your kids but you do search for quick and easy crafts since every super mom is over loaded with house chores, errands, and she still loves to spend quality time with her children. How to be Super Mom has always insisted on the importance of a mother-child time and we will always provide you with the best kids crafts to allow you to get more creative ideas along the way.

Easter is coming soon, so why not concentrate on making your own holiday decoration. Bunnies, chicks and eggs can fill your house for a remarkable low cost. Enjoy super moms and keep following our Blog for more ideas on Easter crafts.

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