Monday, February 04, 2013

How to be Super Mom: Valentine's Day

Dear Supermoms,
Are you getting ready for valentines day? I have my daughter's first birthday on the 17th, so to tell you the truth, the last thing I am planning for is valentine's day; even though I love spending a romantic time with my husband whenever it's possible, so should it really be on the 13th or the 14th? Couldn't be before or after? Sure it could. The importance is to be happy and enjoy my time with him,  no matter where or when.
I can't forget when I was a teenager, how occupied I used to be with valentines day cards and valentines day activities- all the preparations and surprises I planned! I knew my husband since I was 19, and since then, we have spent the most romantic valentines ever!
When he was abroad- for almost 2 years-  I used to send his valentine day card, gift, and decoration to his best friend and plan the whole set up with him. Oh poor guy! He had to organize the whole thing, light up the candles, decorate the room so my boyfriend (husband) could get as surprised as I wanted him to be. Once, I accidentally sent my husband a sms with all the details instead of sending it to his roommate, and to wipe the mess I invented endless stories about this particular sms. Well, at the end, all my efforts went down the drain when Hani, his roommate, was off, the day the package arrived, and my boyfriend( husband) received it!!!!!!!  Silly days!

While surfing today, I found this card that could be easily hand crafted
valentine day cards
It is nice to handmade the gifts you will offer for valentine's day, and this card is truly easy. All you need is:
  • Valentine's ribbon
  • Colored Carton Board
  • Glue
  • Silver Pen
  • Couple of decoration of your choice to spice it a little
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
This could make a nice valentines day craft, that you and your kids could prepare for your husband or another loving member of the family. Remember, that our main goal in How to be Super Mom, is to encourage you to constantly try to spend more time with your children, and allow them to participate in all the action. Whether you like it or not, Valentine's day is- in its own special way- a holiday that kids love to celebrate. And what could be better than trying to craft this valentine day card together?!

Now a quick, delicious, sexy recipe is what you need to prepare for that evening. After you put the kids to sleep, the last think you will need is a kitchen full of dirty pots; so an easy recipe and a glass of wine will do the trick.
This picture was posted by Rebecca D. on and I thought that it will make one of the greatest valentine day recipes. All you need are halved strawberries, fresh whipped cream and dark chocolate.
Enjoy your Valentine ladies!

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