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How to be Super Mom - Palm Sunday Candle Decoration Guide

The most amusing part about Palm Sunday is decorating the candles. There are endless ideas, shapes and designs. This small manual will provide you with all the techniques you will need to decorate your children candles by yourself. Believe me, no matter how beautiful the ready-made candles are, there will never be a candle as special as the one you will make for your child.

*I will have to apologize for not posting any picture for the time being reserving them for my next ebook on how to decorate Palm Sunday candles by How to be Super Mom. However, based on the request of many super moms, I decided to post this small article to give you the essential techniques about candle decoration.

1-Candle Choice: Palm's day candles come in all shapes and colors; you can find curved candles, cubed candles, marbled candles, etc. You can either choose a colored candle matching your child's wardrobe or pick a white one and decorate it as you desire. Selecting a white candle doesn't necessarily mean that you have to keep it plain, you can wrap it with a nice colored ribbon that will go perfectly with your daughter's dress or son's outfit.

2-Duct Tape - An Easy Secret Tip:  Before starting, you have to create a safe base or your decoration will risk falling off your candle. Applying glue gun directly to the candle is not a wise choice, that is why you should follow the secret tip: Duct tape.
The place where you need to place the duct tape depends completely on the design you choose. If you were planning on wrapping a ribbon all a long the candle in a hairspring movement you should wrap a duct tape onto the top, middle and bottom. If you want the candle to be showing, and decorate its center then you have to paste a duct tape on the middle.

3- Colored Ribbons:  Pick a ribbon that matches both the outfit and candle. Try not to exaggerate with the use of colors, remember you still have to apply a number of accessories which are already rich in easter colors, so a classy simple ribbon choice will do.
If you are wrapping it around the candle in a hairspring movement, apply a small drop of glue gun on the top duct tape and stick the ribbon and start wrapping it in a hand firm movement, adding a small drop of glue onto each duct tape to maintain the ribbon and prevent it from falling. 
If you wish to decorate the center of the candle, wrap a small piece of ribbon around the duct tape you applied, one reason is for hiding the tape and getting a better finished result, a second reason is to have a larger surface to glue the decoration on to.
Note that some duct tape are too slippery, in that case the glue gun won't hold for long. Try purchasing a Matte finished Duct Tape to insure a better result. 
4- Accessories Choice: Artificial flowers, beads, small stuffed animals, easter accessories such as eggs, bunnies, chicks and birds can make a great arrangement for your candle. Always make sure to choose the right colors; the closer the candle is to the outfit style the cooler your child will look. 

Always remember to start with the long thin accessories, then add the larger parts leaving the stuffed animal or the large bunny to the end, placing it on the side of the arrangement never in the middle to get a well balanced shape.

Hoping that this small manual was helpful, I will promise you all to publish my book about Palm Sunday candles before next year's holiday.
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Maria El-Aaraj

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