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Beauty Tips and Tricks: How to Avoid Very Dry Hands in winter

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A common problem among all super moms, during winter, is the dry skin, more particularly dry hands. This is terribly annoying, especially when you are tending to look at your best. Severe hand dryness can cause cracked skin, blisters and bleeding, and this could be enormously painful. How to be Super Mom will give you few beauty tips and secrets on how to avoid cracked skin.

What Causes Dry Skin:

  • Extreme hand washing: during the winter, a super mom might be obligated to wash her   hands more often to avoid the spread of germs. This constant exposure to water could cause very dry hands and cracked skin.
  • Excessive intake of coffee of alcohol: coffee and/or alcohol consumption usually leads to dehydration. This condition is represented by very dry hands and chapped itchy skin.
  • Indoor Heat: During winter, the use of a heater leads to an indoor air dehydration, and your skin loses dampness from the atmosphere leading to very dry hands and skin.

Free Beauty Tips on How to Avoid Very Dry Hands in winter:

  1.  Use a humidifier: This device will prevent the loss of dampness indoors. For best results, distilled water is more advisable
  2. Prevent the use of severe cleansers: When you’re in the supermarket choosing your detergents, be careful to select cleansers that are skin-friendly to prevent hand dryness. As a supermom, you might be worried about the stain removal way more than you care about the side effects which these products can have on your skin. But always keep in mind that a mother should never neglect her looks neither her skin nor hands, that is why you should care to choose cleansers that are mild and might contain some beneficial ingredients such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  3. Keep a Moisturizer by your side: Apply a moisturizer to both your skin and hands after every shower, or wash. To prevent very dry hands you should rub your hands with a lotion rich in beneficial oils to avoid cracked and chapped skin.
  4. Drink water: In all” How to be Super Mom” natural beauty tips, you will encounter “water drinking”. Water is very essential to the body, renewing your cells and giving you excessive energy and health. Make sure you drink more than 8 glasses of water a day.

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