Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Help Your Child Deal with Disappointments

In a society full of successful achievements, the chance to teach your child how to deal with disappointments is becoming far more difficult. Consider a canceled play date or an incident where occurs a toy breakage an opportunity to help your loved one grow through disappointment, instead of just creating a quick solution to spear him from experiencing these feelings. If you don’t teach him to deal with dissatisfaction every now and then, you will be shielding him from developing crucial skills that he will need, during the coming years, to face the dark moments of life.
Supermom, there are many easy tips to follow in order to help your child become stronger when faced by a distressful moment, and teach him how to face unhappiness. How to be Super Mom will provide you with the best article, to simplify your task as a parent and help you raise your children in a psychological, healthy way. 

Respect his feelings
His problems might seem small and lame comparing to the big picture of life but what is making him sad is of a huge importance to him. Don’t ignore his feelings by telling him that everything will be just fine, instead help him express his feeling to you, let him talk about how disappointed he is; learning to identify and transmit feelings is a vital lesson you can help your child acquire.

Project his feeling

Imagine yourself in the same situation to be able to acknowledge your children’s feelings. Once you recognize, the impact of such disappointment and its effect on their emotions, you will offer a better support and find the best solutions to get them out of their distress. 

Teach your child how to find the positive side of every problem

« Apr├Ęs la pluie, le beau temps », a great quote holding the same meaning as every cloud has a silver lining. Super mom, if you think deeply, you will always be able to find the good side of every misfortunate event. From one side you will be giving him the skills to grow up as an optimist, and from the other side, you will help him deal with discontent when he learns how to turn things around to his best interest.

One additional piece of advice: a child is like a sponge, he absorbs way more when he’s fresh and young so consider this as an opportunity to work on his personality, helping him become a stronger, optimist person. Compare his brain to smooth clay dough, which can be easily manipulated. Any wrong step will ruin his personality, that is why every super mom is advised to intensify her readings from the moment she conceive, to learn the best way to raise an intelligent happy child.
Be sure that with How to be Super Mom, you will always find the best and easiest parenting tips ever.

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