Friday, November 16, 2012

How Did I Start Knitting?

 How did it all start?

My mom is the knitter in the family; since Nour was born she made her a lot of beautiful sweaters, hats and scarves. But when my first born was almost one year old the Dr. asked mom to stop all kind of crafts that involves thumb movements since she has been diagnosed with a problem in her finger ligaments. 
So I had to start buying Nour sweaters until one day, at Christmas, my aunt offered her a beautiful black and red, short sleeves, dress, and where I live, it is almost impossible to wear short sleeves during December so I went searching for a black cardigan everywhere and I mean it everywhere, but it seems that for kids black is hard to be found and I couldn’t get it red so I asked my mom to teach me how to knit and I had one week left till Christmas.

And this is how it all started, and knitting became my favorite hobby because it is so relaxing and in the same time very productive. I felt very proud every time I finish one of my pieces and I loved when they took a lot of success among friends, family and strangers. 


Then I decided to start my own small business, and it became successful especially new born items such as blankets, sweaters, hats and socks. I am not making a fortune out of it but I made something for myself and that is what’s more important. If you like knitting don’t hesitate trying to sell your items, I know a lot of people who would die for handmade knitted products. 

And if you don’t know how to knit I advise you to begin learning, you can start with a scarf which is the easiest project and end with a beautiful sweater, who knows!

I suggest “Knittingon the net”, it is one of the sites that helped me a lot as well as "PatonsYarns".
Good luck and if you need any help you can always send me your questions and I am ready to answer them.

Now tell me, did you like these pictures I posted? They represent 3% of what I have knitted so far and I have been knitting for only 2 years.

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