Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kids Crafts- Paper Plate Fish

paper plate fish
An easy to make paper plate fish is offered to you by How to be Super Mom. Our goal is to help every supermom spend the best she could with her children while creating beautiful crafts which will help every kid gain many important skills. The Internet is loaded with kids crafts, but what we create on our blog is easy, fast and creative which is suitable for busy mothers.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x paper plate
  • 1x googly eye
  • red construction paper
  • yellow construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors

  1. Draw a triangle on the back of the plate.
  2. Cut it out and glue it as the tail.
  3. Tare little piece of construction paper glue them for decoration.
  4. Place the googly eye in its place and your fish is done.

It's a piece of cake isn't? and it is suitable for every age, fun and you will feel good for taking some time out of your hectic super mom day to share a good moment with your child.
Kids crafts are very diversified, you can find a series of low cost crafts on our blog that you can create without having to spend a fortune.
Life is pretty so enjoy it with your children and be proud to be a super mom!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kids Crafts: Paper Plate Lady Bug

paper plate lady bug

Crafting is very important since it opens the way for our children to become creative and have a wider imagination. Cutting, gluing, coloring and using different materials to create innovative shapes help the kids master their gestures and manual skills. A super mom is always searching for new activities to help her kids improve themselves, and crafting is the best activity you and your children could enjoy together.
How to be Super Mom is constantly posting new kids crafts to help mothers around the world spend quality time with their loved ones.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 paper plates
  • 1 black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Pink paint
  • Brush

  • Start by painting the back side of each plate in pink, set aside to dry.
  • Cut out a 5 cm diameter circle for the head, and 8 small circles for the wing dots.
  • Once dried, cut one of the plates in half.
  • Glue one wing towards the left, and the other toward the right.
  • Glue the dots on the wings, place the head in its place.
  • Add the googly eyes and your paper plate lady bug is ready; you can use it for your spring decoration.
  • Enjoy!

Spring weather boosts our energy; the activities outdoor are much more enjoyable than the indoor winter activities and this kids craft is something that your loved ones will enjoy making in the backyard while surrounded with many beautiful flowers.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Salad Recipes: Waldorf Salad

waldorf salad
A salad generated from the United States. The name is related to the world famous hotel of New-York, Waldrof- Astoria hotel. My family loves this salad, it is fresh and delicious and I am sure you all know it. What about trying How to be Super Mom's Waldorf Salad recipe?

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Serves 4

  • 3 large red apples
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 6 trimmed celery sticks
  • 150g rudely chopped walnuts

  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons  Mayonnaise
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

  • Core and chop apples into large cubes. 
  • Combine apples with lemon juice to prevent its color from changing.
  • Chop the celery roughly.
  • Toss all the ingredients together and serve with the dressing.

Waldorf Salad was rapidly spread among people when it was created back in the early 20th century, and it is still one of the most classic popular salads. Walnuts and apples are known to be very healthy. They are very rich in nutrients and they have antioxidants effect that is why this easy salad could make a great choice for your family to enjoy. A super mom is always searching for the best to offer for her family; the reason why you should make sure to incorporate in your dinner recipes all the nutrients your child might need to grow into a healthy and strong young man.
Keep visiting How to be Super Mom for more easy recipes every day.

Salad Recipes: Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad
A classical traditional salad that has appealed people for generations. How to be Super Mom will offer your free recipes to help you prepare your dinner in  no time.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Serves 4

Ingredients for the Caesar Salad:
  • 8 slices thick white bread
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 120g shaved parmesan cheese
  • 1 large romain lettuce

For the dressing:
  • 1 egg
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
  • 4 whole canned anchovy fillers, drained and halved
  • 3/4 cup olive oil

  • After cutting off the crust, cut bread into one cm cubes. Hear the oil in large pan; cook the bread until brown and crispy. Allow the croutons to drain on an absorbent paper.
  • Combine shredded lettuce leaves with the crouton and the cheese, leaving a part of the crouton and the parmesan for the decoration.
  • Add the dressing, mix well and decorate with the remaining croutons and parmesan.

For the Ceasar dressing: 
  • Process egg, garlic, lemon , mustard and anchovies until smooth. 
  • While the machine is still operating, add oil little by little until the dressing thickens.

Bon App├ętit from How to be Super Mom!!
Keep surfing our page for more easy recipes every for every super mom to enjoy. How to be Super Mom takes care to post fast recipe that will help you prepare healthy dinners in no time to raise healthy and strong children. Don't forget to check our menu plans to help you throughout the week.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stay at Home Mothers and Depression- Golden Tip

stay at home mothers and depression

Stay at home mothers and depression is a fact encountered at every home where mothers have chosen to leave everything behind and give priority to their children. Since I have been a stay at home mother from day one, I have took on my charge the mission of helping every super mom fight her depression naturally and help her find the best way to get the recognition she needs in her society. 
The most frustrating reality is that house chores and children care are both unproductive or let’s say that the results aren't clear on the short term. Every person needs to see the result of his work right after he finishes to feel satisfied but this is quite impossible when you're a super mom.

Meaning that a mother spends all her day cleaning while her kids are marching behind her to spread dirt and food all over the place so when it's time to go to bed she looks behind her to find things just the way she left them in the morning: messy and dirty. But what a mother should learn is that this exact work is very productive on the long term and she will see her work elaborated when those little demons grow up to become intelligent young ladies and gentlemen and all the sacrifices she made will be forgotten when she will enjoy the good relationship she has built all along these years.

Being a stay at home mom might be one of the hardest jobs ever, and depression does in fact lay its weight on you but you have to keep your faith and hopes up and remember that what you did is great when you decided to shut yourself inside your home and make your kids and family your priority. One day will come when you will be able to proceed with your social life. So allow me to give you one small piece of advice: make a small time during the day to place a solid foundation for your future. If you would like to carry on with your freelance writer career, per example, like I would, you could simply intensify your readings and maybe improve your language knowledge and learn new foreign languages to open new frontiers. 

Remember that this is the time for you to invest in your children, one day they will grow up and they will leave. This is the time to build some valuable memories and found a solid relationship between you two which will be the map that will bring them back home one day. A mother will be always needed, be there for them when their young so they will always have something to look up for when they grow up.

How to be Super Mom is a question asked by every mother. Learn that it is enough for you to be a devoted mother to be a super mom. 

I would love to receive your questions, read your comments, and help you if I can. Also learn that all the free recipes, crafts and guides are targeted to help you all simplify your life. Good Luck!

Depression in New Mothers: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment Alternatives Depression in New Mothers: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment Alternatives
Depression is the number one cause of maternal death in developed countries and results in adverse health outcomes for both mother and child. It is vital, therefore, that health professionals are ready and able to help those women that suffer from perinatal and postpartum depression (PPD). This book provides a comprehensive approach to treating PPD in an easy-to-use format. It reviews the research and brings together the evidence-base for understanding the causes and for assessing the different treatment options, including those that are safe for use with breastfeeding mothers. It incorporates a new psychoneuroimmunology framework for understanding postpartum depression and includes chapters on:
  • Negative birth experiences
  • Infant characteristics
  • Psychosocial factors
  • Antidepressant medication
  • Therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Herbal medicine and alternative therapies
  • Suicide and infanticide
Invaluable in treating the mothers who come to you for help, this helpful guide dispels the myths that hinder effective treatment and presents up-to-date information on the impact of maternal depression on the health of the mother, as well as the health and well-being of the infant.

The Ghost in the House: Real Mothers Talk about Maternal Depression, Raising Children, and How They Cope The Ghost in the House: Real Mothers Talk about Maternal Depression, Raising Children, and How They Cope
An award-winning reporter for the "Washington Post," Tracy Thompson was thirty-four when she was hospitalized and put on suicide watch during a major depressive episode. This event, the culmination of more than twenty years of silent suffering, became the point of departure for an in-depth, groundbreaking book on depression and her struggle with the disease. "The Beast" shattered stereotypes and inspired countless readers to confront their own battles with mental illness. Having written that book, and having found the security of a happy marriage, Thompson assumed that she had learned to manage her illness. But when she took on one of the most emotionally demanding jobs of all being a mother depression returned with fresh vengeance. Very quickly Thompson realized that virtually everything she had learned up to then about dealing with depression was now either inadequate or useless. In fact, maternal depression was a different beast altogether. She tackled her problem head-on, meticulously investigating the latest scientific research and collecting the stories of nearly 400 mothers with depression. What she found was startling: a problem more widespread than she or any other mother struggling alone with this affliction could have imagined. Women make up nearly 12 million of the 19 million Americans affected by depression every year, experiencing episodes at nearly twice the rate that men do. Women suffer most frequently between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four not coincidentally, the primary childbearing years. "The Ghost in the House," the result of Thompson's extensive studies, is the first book to address maternal depression as a lifelong illness that can have profound ramifications for mother and child. A striking blend of memoir and journalism, here is an invaluable resource for the millions of women who are white-knuckling their way through what should be the most satisfying years of their lives. Thompson offers her readers a concise summary of the cutting-edge research in this field, deftly written prose, and, above all, hope.

The Postpartum Effect: Deadly Depression in Mothers The Postpartum Effect: Deadly Depression in Mothers
A Mothers Tears presents a caring and knowledgeable picture of postpartum depression. Psychologist Arlene M. Huysman explains the very real hormonal and emotional causes of what was once dismissed as the baby blues, defines who is at risk, and shows readers how to recognize the illness. She also describes proper treatment, explains how to make sure ones doctor is an ally, and discusses how family can help new mothers get well again. This primer on the causes and cures of this common but long-misunderstood illness contains a new chapter presenting the most up-to-date research and developments.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kids Crafts: How to be Super Mom Paper Plate Easter Craft

kids crafts
Who said that toddlers can't craft? This is a very easy project that you and your toddler can make together for Easter. You can still add few more details to make this kids craft enjoyable for older children.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x small paper plate
  • 1x large paper plate
  • 1 googly eye
  • 1x red construction paper
  • 1 puncher
  • glue
  • Punching sponge
  • Yellow paint
  • Paint brush

  • Start by helping your toddler paint the plates, he will learn how to hold and handle a paint brush by himself.
  • Give him a hand by drawing beak and two legs and teach him how to punch them out. 
  • Glue the plates like seen in the picture.
  • Add the beak, legs and eye.
  • Your toddler will be very proud to show his work to all the family.

Being a super mom requires a lot of strength and effort. Craft with your children to enjoy quality time with them. How to be Super Mom will always provide you with the best kids crafts there is.

How to be Super Mom Kids Crafts - Paper Plate Turkey

kids crafts
Feeling like a super mom is a state of mind. When a mother manages to finish all her chores and duties and still find the time and energy to enjoy her children she will definitely feel amazing. If a mother works hard it is to provide her family with the best, and your kids are what matters the most. Try offering them the chance to improve their skills and learning abilities by creating with them these beautiful and simple kids crafts provided by How to be Super Mom.

Paper plate crafts are based on affordable supplies in order to allow every super mom to craft with her children without spending a fortune. Left over paper plates from birthdays or holidays could do the trick. Whether you were looking for thanksgiving crafts or animal crafts this turkey will be convenient.

Supplies Needed

  • 1x Paper plate
  • 1x yellow construction paper
  • 1x red construction paper
  • 2x Googly eyes
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cut the paper plate in half.
  • Draw 5 feathers on the yellow construction paper.
  • Cut them out and repeat the process using the red construction paper.
  • Glue the feathers making sure to alternate the colors.
  • Cut out a yellow triangle for the beak.
  • Cut out a red oval and glue it under the beak.
  • Glue the goolgy eyes in place.

Your turkey is now ready. You can either hide it in a box reserved for your kids crafts or add it to the thanksgiving decoration. Enjoy our free paper plate crafts super moms!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Crafts: Plastic Cup Easter Bunny

I love crafting with my children. I specialize fifteen minutes a day to craft with my beautiful daughters whom I love dearly. Easter is coming soon, and children would love to make bunnies, chicks and eggs. Easter bunny is adored by kids with all the chocolate eggs he offers so lets learn how to make beautiful kids crafts shaping like bunnies to provide our loved ones with the best time ever. 
This project is easy and very creative and most importantly How to be Super Mom never forgets to choose Easter crafts that are affordable and can be realized by a small number of simple supplies such as card boards, construction papers and plastic cups.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 Plastic cups
  • 2 construction papers, white and pink
  • 3 cotton balls
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • 1 black pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue together both tops of the plastic cups.
  • Draw bunny ears, bunny paws shaping like ears and 2 hearts. Make sure that the templates drawn on the pink sheet are slightly smaller than those sketched on the white sheet.
  • Cut the templates out, glue them together following the picture, and glue the bunny parts on the cups.
  • Glue the eyes.
  • Glue the 2 white cotton balls on the bottom of the eyes.
  • Take a small part of the third cotton ball, color it with pink and glue it in the middle top of both glued cotton balls.
  • Divide the black pipe into 6 equal parts.
  • Glue three from each side of the white cotton balls.
  • Glue the ribbon on the top side of the bottom plastic cup.
  • Take two additional parts of the remaining cotton ball, glue them and color them in blue.
  • Your Easter bunny craft is ready and your kids could show it off to their friends and relatives.

How to be Super Mom will keep providing you with free, easy kids crafts. Follow our Blog by registering to our mailing list to keep getting all our free recipes, crafts, tips and super mom guides starting from our free potty training guide and soon to come our complete free pregnancy guide.
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Easter Crafts: Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Easter crafts

Paper plate kids crafts are very easy and extremely affordable. How to be Super Mom suggests you keep all the left over paper plates from events and holidays until you get the chance to make one of our paper plate crafts.
The Easter bunny is one of the most important symbols of Easter Sunday, maybe not as popular as Santa Claus on Christmas but  kids wait for him to bring them chocolate eggs and candies.
This Easter bunny craft will look nice if hung on the fridge or the bedroom's door.
A cute character that your children will love making with you, all you need is paper plates, glue and a marker. Ready? then get your supplies ready and lets get crafting.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 white paper plates, one slightly bigger than the other
  • 1 pink card board
  • A small quantity of cotton
  • Black, pink and blue marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

  • Glue the large plate over the small one like seen in the picture.
  • Draw two large bunny ears on the pink card board, cut them out and glue them from the back side of the small paper plate.
  • Glue the cotton in the middle of the bunny ears.
  • Using the markers, drew the eyes, nose and mustaches.

See how easy that was? I know that you all love to craft with your kids but you do search for quick and easy crafts since every super mom is over loaded with house chores, errands, and she still loves to spend quality time with her children. How to be Super Mom has always insisted on the importance of a mother-child time and we will always provide you with the best kids crafts to allow you to get more creative ideas along the way.

Easter is coming soon, so why not concentrate on making your own holiday decoration. Bunnies, chicks and eggs can fill your house for a remarkable low cost. Enjoy super moms and keep following our Blog for more ideas on Easter crafts.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Crafts: Easter Bunny Plastic Candy Jar

Easter crafts

I love holidays so much and Easter is coming soon. I am looking forward to the family gatherings, warm delicious Easter meals and the best of all is the entertainment we have for the kids during those family parties. We play outside, play catch but we also need to improvise something that would make them sit and slow down for a while. Kids crafts are the best solution for your kids to calm down, quit running all around and enjoy themselves by creating something interesting which they will use to decorate their room.
Easter crafts are all about bunnies, chicks and eggs. In this kids craft we have used two fundamental elements: bunnies and Easter eggs.

Supplies Needed
  • 1 empty plastic bottle
  • 1 cupcake liner
  • 1 ribbon
  • 1 A4 white sheet
  • 1 bag of candy or chocolate eggs
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Black marker

  • Cut the top of the bottle with a knife.
  • Glue the cupcake liner on top of the bottle.
  • Glue the ribbon on the cupcake liner.
  • Print out the following templates on the A4 sheet, cut them out and glue them in place.
Easter bunny template
Easter bunny template

Have a terrific Easter super moms and always remember that How to be Super Mom will always provide you with the best tips to make your life easier.

*You can purchase your Easter candies and chocolates from How to be Super Mom.

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Easter Chocolates - assorted wrapped piece Easter Chocolates - assorted wrapped piece
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Chocolate Eggs in Easter Foil - 2 lb bulk bag Chocolate Eggs in Easter Foil - 2 lb bulk bag
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Peeps Pink Marshmallow Bunnies box of 12 Peeps Pink Marshmallow Bunnies box of 12
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Crafts - Easter Bunny Bags

Easter crafts
Make your own Easter bunny bags following simple steps-
Kids love candy, even though "How to be Super Mom" advice parents to discourage the daily intake of sugary foods but a holiday is sweeter with chocolates and lollipops. If you have the custom to set up an Eater tree then this kids craft is great to be hanged on the tree for decoration. In case you don't like trees, you can prepare these bags to offer them to children visiting your house on Easter Sunday.
Your children will be happy to prepare this Easter craft, and they will be thrilled to offer them to their friends and cousins. Take fifteen minutes out of your busy day and teach your child how to craft this easy bunny face, prepare them from now to be ready when the holiday comes.

Supplied Needed
  • 2xA4 white card boards
  • 1xA4 pink card board
  • 1x A4 black paper sheet
  • 1 white cotton ball
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Ribbon
  • Stapler

  • Take 3 cm from each side (width wise).
  • Draw a 3x 29.7 cm rectangle from each side, and fold the papers following the line you draw.
  • After folding the edges, fold your paper in half.
  • Glue the edges together to make the bag base.
  • Draw four bunny ears on the white sheet if you decided to make a white kids craft.
  • Cut them out.
  • Draw two smaller bunny earlobes on the pink card board if your ears were white and vice versa.
  • Glue the ear lobes on the front side bunny ears.
  • Glue the ears in place as shown in the picture.
  • Cut out two black circles from the black paper for the eyes or use googly eyes.
  • Glue the cotton ball for the nose, and draw the mouth with a black marker.
  • To hang your bag on a tree, staple a ribbon on both sides of the bunny bag.

Easter crafts are fun if the whole family contributes in the making. Consider inviting your husband to join in, your children will be thrilled and he will learn that spending additional time with his loved ones is a blessing.
How to be Super Mom is posting daily kids crafts that are easy and convenient for all ages, don't forget to join our site, register as a follower and become one of our fans on Facebook.

Easter Crafts: Paper Easter Chick

Easter crafts

How to be Super Mom provides a number of Easter crafts to help you spend quality time with your children. This egg chick is a funny and simple kids craft that require 15 minutes to be done. You can either hang it on your children's bedroom door, make 10 more to form a garland that you can decorate your living room with, or decorate your child's note book with it.
A small list of supplies will do the trick. Let's get to work.

Supplies Needed
  • 2x A4 yellow paper
  • 1x A4 orange paper
  • tacks
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes

  • Draw a large egg for the body.
  • Draw two large wings and hang them using two tacks.
  • Draw 2 long legs like seen in the picutre.
  • Cut out a diamond shape out of the orange paper, fold it in half, glue the top side of the diamond shape as a beak.
  • Glue two googly eyes to make this Easter craft even funnier.

Your kids craft is done and ready to be used for decoration. This is an excellent craft for preschoolers, it will help them master few skills such as using the scissors, drawing and gluing.
Happy Easter Super Mom!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Make Your Own Cards- Mother's Day Cards: Garden of Flowers

mother's day cards

Make your own cards following How to be Super Mom posts.
This is an easy and simple Mother's day card that you can craft with your children.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x A4 white card board
  • 1x A4 red card board
  • Puncher
  • Green wire
  • Yellow wire

  • Fold your white card in half
  • Draw three flowers
  • Punch the flowers as seen in the picture leaving the end of each petal hanging at the end.
  • Glue the green wires forming a stem
  • Using the yellow wire, form a bud and glue it in the middle of each flower.
  • Glue the red card board from the inside of the white card.
  • Choose a loverly Happy mother's day poem or quote.

Mother's Day is an event that honors mothers all over the world. Its celebration varies from a country to another. We celebrate it on the 21st of March in the MEA, others on the last Sunday of May, and on the second Sunday of May in the United States and many other countries. No matter when you decide to say Thank you mom it is important to say it with love and affection and nothing is better than a mother's day card to announce it to your super mom.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make Your Own Cards: Mother's Day Cards- Flower Vase

Mother's day cards
Mother's day is getting closer and we are all busy preparing for that beautiful event. Every mother is a super mom and she deserves all the love and gratitude we can give her. A handmade card is the best way to say "Thank you mom" for all the trouble you have put yourself into since the day I was born.
How to be Super Mom is posting interesting articles offering you all the guidelines you need to make your own cards. Whether it was Mother's day or St. Patrick's day, handmade objects are always most appreciated because of the time you put into creating them to tell someone that you care.
We have always insisted on the importance of including your children in the making of the handmade projects we offer. Crafting helps a child master many skills which can be later developed into more professional qualifications. Allow them to extend their imagination by sharing a craft project with them everyday. Start by preparing this card to say Happy Mother's Day.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x A4 white card board
  • 1x Pink or yellow A4 card board
  • Dark green marker
  • Pink or yellow ribbon
  • 3x small flowers of your choice
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 1x Colored envelop of your choice

  • Divide the white card board into 3 equal rectangles.
  • Make your own card by folding the right rectangle towards the middle, and then the left one.
  • Measure 5 cm from the top of the left fold, and two from the bottom.
  • Draw the diagonal line, and cut.
  • Draw a V shaped vase like seen in the picture.
  • Glue it to form a small vase.
  • Draw three flower stems with leaves.
  • Glue the flowers of your choice at the end of each stem.
  • Glue the ribbon on top of the vase.
  • Write a beautiful poem or a nice quote on the inside.
  • Write Happy Mother's Day on the vase with a white pen.

 This card is very simple and could be considered as kids crafts. Spend quality time with your loved ones and visit How to be Super Mom for daily new ideas.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Online Games for Kids: Saint Patrick's Puzzle

Besides the beautiful St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers we are posting, How to be Super Mom offers free online games for kids to enjoy.
Don't forget to surf our page for more free games to come.

Make Your Own Cards- St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers:Lucky Shamrock Card

st patrick day carfts for preschoolers
St Patrick's day is on the way and we have to be well prepared. How to be Super Mom posted a series of beautiful crafts and cards to prepare for this occasion. Our ideas don't require a fortune to be made, nor a long trip to the market to search for the supplies. You can make your own cards and crafts using two or three materials and they are simple enough to include your children in the making. Allow your kids to help you make those beautiful st Patrick day crafts for preschoolers. A puncher and a cardboard and your card is ready to be offered.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x A4 green cardboard
  • 1x A4 white cardboard
  • 1 shamrock template
  • Puncher 
  • Glue

st patrick day carfts for preschoolers

  • Start by copying this template onto the center of the folded white card board.
  • Using a puncher, and when I say puncher I don't mean the hole puncher but the little hand puncher used by kids in preschools, start by punching out the black lines.
  • Fold the green Card board and glue it to the inside of the white folded card
  • You have yourself a beautiful and easy to make card.
  • If your child is three and up he will be able to help you make this card by punching out the required items. 
  • Make sure he learns not to wave the puncher, or run while holding it to prevent any serious injuries.

This card is one of the easiest kids crafts that you can enjoy decorating with your loved ones. It doesn't necessarily have to be a funny leprechaun or a rainbow mobile to be considered as preschool holiday crafts but what counts is for the project to be easy, affordable and free of all hard tasks.
Make your own cards by visiting How to be Super Mom and enjoying its free

St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers: Head Band

st patrick day crafts for preschoolers
When St Patrick's Day comes you would want to have prepared something nice and original for your kids to wear on their heads. While surfing the web, I chose this cute design and decided to give you few pointers to simplify the making of this head band.
The shamrock, the rainbow, the pot of gold and the green color are the main elements that should be present in mostly all the St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers.
How to be Super Mom includes two printable coloring pages to help you finish the head band faster.

Supplied Needed
  • Green card board
  • 2 white A4 sheets
  • Coloring pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue

  • Print out the golden pot on one sheet, and many small shamrocks on the other.
  • Color them, and cut them out.
  • Draw a 5x55cm rectangle on the green card board.
  • Cut it out
  • Glue the ends together
  • Glue the shamrocks and the gold pot as seen on the picture.

Kids crafts offered by How to be Super Mom are easy, and don't require a lot of effort. Our main goal in choosing such simple crafts is to allow you to spend quality time crafting with your child no matter how busy your day was.
A craft like such doesn't require more than 15 minutes to be done. Your child will enjoy the time spent with you and he will get to learn a lot. Use our free crafts as a guide to help you freshen up your ideas for new kids crafts.
For questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to leave your message or contact me by email. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.
st patrick day crafts for preschoolers

st patrick day crafts for preschoolers

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers: Rainbow Gold Pot

st patrick day crafts for preschoolers
St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers are fun, colorful and very joyful to make. How to be Super Mom has prepared a bunch of crafts to help you enjoy this Holy holiday with your children.
The rainbow, the treasure and leprechauns go back to an old Irish legend, and since this holiday is about celebrating the arrival of the Christianity to Ireland, the Irish culture dominates all the aspects of this day.

This craft is very easy, all you need is an old flower pot, colored pipe cleaners, and you got yourself a beautiful ornament unit.

Supplies Needed
  • 1x flower pot
  • 5 different colored pipe cleaners
  • 10 small pebbles
  • Black paint
  • Gold paint
  • Green crepe paper

  • Start by painting your flower pot in black.
  • Paint the pebbles in gold and keep them all to dry for an hour or two.
  • Afterwards, shred the green crepe paper into little stripes and fill the pot with both the papers and the rocks.
  • Glue the five different pipes to form a rainbow.

A very easy and simple St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers offered to encourage you to spend more time with your child creating beautiful stuff.
Children are a blessing, the more you spend time with them the more you get to teach them new stuff. How to be Super Mom will always offer you free ideas to help you through the motherhood trip.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers: Rainbow Mobile

st Patrick day crafts for preschoolers

How to be Super Mom will provide you with the best crafts for St Patrick's day. As a mother, I am always looking for easy St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers and this one was amazing, my daughter loved crafting it. We made 10 and we will hang them around the house the night we will be throwing the party. I love celebrating holidays, and even though St Patrick's day is not a popular holiday in my country but I always like to start my own family traditions.

Supplied Needed

  • 1x white card board
  • 1x red crepe paper
  • 1x orange crepe paper
  • 1x yellow crepe paper
  • 1x green crepe paper
  • 1x blue crepe paper
  • 1x pink crepe paper
  • 1x purple crepe paper
  • Rainbow template
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


rainbow template

  • Use this template to draw a rainbow on the white card board.
  • Cut 1x30 cm long crepe strips.
  • Glue them to the white rainbow, leaving 10 cm loose from each side.
  • Tie a ribbon and hang them in your living room.

How to be Super Mom offers our lovely super moms easy St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers to enjoy. Crafting with your children is very important, and you should try to take 15 minutes out of your daily hectic routine to create something new with your child. This will help blossom his imagination, and allow him to get a better grasp of all the necessary gestures such as holding a pencil, gluing or cutting.
Spending quality time with them is a must if you are willing to have intelligent children with great potentials.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always ready to answer all your questions and you can also join us on Facebook.

St Patrick Day Crafts for Preschoolers: Leprechaun Head

st patrick day crafts for preschoolers

Leprechauns are one of the main symbols of St Patrick's day. It goes back to an old Irish legend talking about that little fairy shoemaker, hostile to people, hiding the place where the treasure is. It is said that treasure hunters are always tracking down the shoemaker hammer sound to find this little leprechaun fellow and find out about the place of the treasure. Wish that was right, then our little fairy can make us rich! With a carton plate, few cardboards and a marker you can make a cute easy to make leprechaun with How to be Super Mom.
This is one of the easiest St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers. Give it a try!

Supplies Needed
  • 1x carton plate
  • 1x green cardboard
  • 1x black cardboard 
  • 1x yellow cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Orange marker
  • Transparent glue

  • Start by making little cuts all around the plate, about 0.5 mm each.
  • Color them with an orange marker.
  • Cut out the shape of a hat from the green cardboard, decorate it with a black strap and a yellow belt ring.
  • Glue the hat on top of the carton plate.
  • Cut out two, 2 cm diameter, black circles for the eyes.
  • Draw the mouth with a marker and your leprechaun is ready for decoration.

Children love holidays and funniest part is the crafts and the ornaments they get to prepare. Even if you are not Irish, it is no harm to celebrate this meaningful holiday with your family. I never did, but this year will be the first time I will throw a St Patrick's day party at home and I will prepare plenty of St Patrick day crafts for preschoolers with my beautiful daughters.
Happy holiday super mom!!!